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Mystified by the unexpected arrival of her first period, Ceci (Blanca Ordaz) concludes she must be dying. She prepares a bucket list to accomplish on her final day, including her first real kiss and her own funeral, because death should be an art.

Written, directed and produced by Maria Victoria Ponce.

Produced by Sofia Cortez, Vincent Cortez and Heather MacLean.

Recipient of: 

PBS The Latino Experience Grant 2021

Berkeley Film Foundation Grant 2021

Official selection of: 

Morelia International Film Festval 2021

Aesthetica Shorts Film Festival 2021

Urbanworld Film Festival 2021

Chicago International Children's Film Festval 2021

NALIP Media Summit Official Selection 2021

Official Latino Film and Arts Festival 2021

Children's Film Festival Seattle 2022

San Diego Latino Film Festival 2022

Setting Sun Film Festival/Melbourne Australia 2022

Watsonville Film Festival 2022

Houston Latino Film Festival 2022
Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival 2022

Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival 2022



Stuck indoors, instead of battling imaginary villains, adventurous Aurora must help her grandmother, the local curandera, ease the pains and ailments of neighbors and family. Only when she herself needs some healing does she recognize the real superhero.
Official Selection of,

WIF Shorts Night 2021

Natve Crossroads Film Festval 2020

Morelia Internatonal Film Festval 2019

Urbanworld Film Festval 2019

Seatle Latno Film Festval 2019

Boston Latno Film Festval 2019

San Francisco Latno Film Festval 2019

San Diego Latno Film Festval 2019

Femme Frontera Film Festval 2019

CineFestval San Antonio 2019

Boston Latno Film Festval 2019



Esmi, East Bay chola princess, learns during an ambush makeover that her boss, Chucha has been through some rough times. Nothing a lil' dancing can't fix!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 4.30.55 PM.png


Mago, a part-time loner Mexican-American girl, has her first unrequited crush on Anthony, though her racist father hates him for simply being African-American. When she finds out her otherwise obedient older sister Maribel is involved with Anthony, Mago’s world unravels.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.06.24 AM.png


Over 30 million minority women don't vote, and no one seems to care. Historically, the vast majority of Latina, African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander women have not shown up to the polls.

In Engage Her, individuals share their personal histories and reasons for avoiding the political process, as well as their struggles and triumphs. Hear the voices of those busy raising families, working multiple jobs, and constrained by time, culture, family, history, language, and fear of political engagement. Luminaries such as Barbara Lee, Dolores Huerta, Aileen Hernandez, Maria Teresa Kumar and Margaret Ouye share their personal journeys of struggle to nurture both their activist lives as well as their day to day lives raising families.

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